Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi to all HOTNESS and COOLNESS of this wonderful planet!!! Gabe just had 3 cups of coffee and i'm feeling high ^^ ... And right now i feel like Holding someone in my arms and just SQUEEZE that someone... u knoe wat i just feel like saying this to you... yeah u the one who is reading this , even if ur a guy =) "I EFFIN LOVE YOU" thats all for now... *bounce bounce*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Everybody Loves G.A.B.E =)

*we love GABE!!!* =)

When i say everybody loves GABE i literally mean it.. Joe Flizzow, Marie Digby , James Blunt , Kyle patrick , Joe guese , and Ethan mantzer thank u all for loving gabe . Gabe loves you all too =)..

i wanna say thanks to gabe for this vid and i mean it GABE made tis all Happen =) here's another vid by GABE productions

yup and tis is him GABE the LOYAL PLAYBOY =) .. MY CLONE ^^ but i aint a player just a pimp =)

ok just smth random i saw from matts blog.. ever watched the korean show called "the 1oo pound beauty"? tis totally reminds me of it .. or even mayb smth like "beauty and the beast"


now take a look at this HOT babe !!!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Because You're So Beautiful

If only i could write a beautiful love poem. I would write special and only to you; Because i miss you more than you even know it.. I had to go simply because i didn't know how to tell you , i don't know if you care ; i want to say I love you but i didn't dare.. I was keeping a distance from you fearing that you will not feel the same way as i do for you. You do not know how hard it is to see you but cannot care. There's nothing i can do but to secretly stare from afar.

If only i could write a beautiful love poem i would write it just for you and you alone.
You are beautiful in my eyes
You are so beautiful that i would even take a bullet for you
You are beautiful that i would die to have a girl like you

At times i just tear along with the rain drops
and to wash this feelings away
if only it was that easy
i wouldn't be feeling this today
I really do Love You

I guess i love the way she laughs
the way she shower her kindness
the way she smiles =).
I simply love the way she cares and put others first
and the way she comforts me.

I love how she looks no matter what she wears because you're simply beautiful to me
I love how she's smart and helpful
I love how she talks
I love the way she holds me when I'm sad
I just simply love everything bout her!!
I'm crazy over her!!

When i fall asleep a sweet dream comes into my mind, but when i open my eyes; the dream leaves my mind, longing for my sweet dream to come true every night. Everyday i try to recall me dream, but i really cant remember a thing, One day i tried to get sleepy to remember the dream that i had. I've fallen asleep but i don't seem to remember a thing!!

I somehow know that the dream will come true in the future. It welcomes the dream full of life the next day, It cheers up lives to have a sweet day, i wished to have the sweet dream on a pleasant day. Because a deep sleep is the cause of many dreams , as i thought to myself. i pray to God to make my sweetest dream come true, and i continues to pray to God. At last my dream came true and it was a dream of Y.O.U!!!

sorry not much pics peeps.. its 3.20am and i'm freaking tired ^^

I don't want to be a pimp. I just wanna be your pimp =)

Friday, December 26, 2008


On Thursday ,the sunshine was upon my face; with the rays of the sun glaring at my face i continued to sleep soundly till bout 10 i guess... Than it was off to the guys house *my so called style advisor* so the two of them came and practically threw everything they had on me; dressed me up just like a Christmas tree.. yup yup.. OK lets just cut the whole long story and junp to the pictures i'm dead tired right now LOL!!! okies enjoy the PICS man...

Before Prom.. marilyn and i were cam whoring.. the usual me don ask me why

IF u NOTICED my poses are all the same jus different direction LOL!!! Creative ma.. Dont u think soo?? =) hahahaha

THE GIRLS!!!! Dee, Marilyn , and Yi wen... Hot?? yeah i knoe .. Don be jealous peeps ^^

Guess who?? Its a secret if i tell u i will have to kill u.. Are u willin to die?? *evil laughs* MUahahaha

OMG i saw CICAK MAN!! I'm serious

U see i told u it was the Cicak man...

THe Boss and the Secretary in Action.. AGAIN!!! Only she looks much hotter here.. She's so hot she burnt 2 holes right in my mask can u see it ??!! lol.. ok tat was lame ><

I knoe i knoe.. Just keep ur mouth shut.. dame i look effin SPAZTIC here crap

DEE WEI!!!! I miss tis gal the most man.. i tell u she's simply the best.. and she's DEElicious!!!

Now u knoe y i miss her ?? ^^ hehe

I Came I saw I conquered .. YUmmy Yummy

She came She Saw She said " u don gimme eat i beat u upside down i tell u" and yes i got conquered..

Back at the hotel room.. Bout to go to MOS while waitin for the gals to change.. I was strightening my hair ^^ cool??

she saw me and i pretended like i was singing... lalalalala

MOS .. SPOT ME!!! I look like a tortoise here man... a Spaztic one.. XD

wen and me... DAme I don have any with Dee.. WTH!!!

so after all the clubbing and dancing we headed back to the room... Met some guys named Aron and Daniel.. Pretty nice fellas.. and guess wat peeps??!! Yeah i knoe i got drunk AGAIN!! like 3 times tis week... SHit i cant drink for nuts man.. ok don laugh but tis is me DRUNK

Nvm Noob on training course!! I'll b better some day. i promise =)

while doing tis post i'm not drunk just half dizzy ^^ wheeee ok good nite peeps and Blessed Christmas

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last Day of School which was our School Awards night.. I'm lazy too type too many things so i'll just upload some pictures ^^.. having a really bad headache.. For the sake of updating my blog..

My bro and I

Meet D.A.D

Grandparents DAD's side... Notice they all look intelligent?? lols except for me tat is ^^

Irving Chan..

Mr. OH

ME, Ash , Ben my teacher

That dude behind me is a FAG.. JO Gan

ME and the FIsh man

chong hong

i like tis piture.. Me and Short Black Dutchman meet ETHAN who comes from a family of Dutchman.. No kidding. ^^

That's my other teacher. Mag

Ben and shorty

Tis are the SMall KIA's that i have to look after

me and Liz



Black Justin timberlake


Gay LOrd's friend

Dad and YOungest bro

meet mommy and daddy and my bro


Mom!!! lols.. no comments

ok hope u enkoyed the picture.. that's all for now need to rest or else my head will explode.. nitez